Just TRY to get a coffee flavor shake or a tripple ripple ice cream cone at McDonalds today! lol
This is when obesity began in America. School lunch cost more than big mac and fries at this time.
And yes…Triple is spelled with one p.
Can’t remember where I found this. ?  If you look close you can see fossil pieces tossed into these peoples garden. The people are avid fossil hunters and they toss the surplus finds into the cacti garden.
In the old ghost town of Grafton, the Louisa Marie Russell home still stands and you can take a look-see and ponder life 150 years ago.
Cree Beaded Saddle Blanket.
Old International truck has seen better days. Left to weather away at the deserted Vulture Mine in Arizona.
Rock home near Spring Mountain, Nevada.
Old iron bridge into Grafton, Utah. A ghost town near Zion NP.